elda wicker

about me

portrait d’elda en train de flotter entourée d’un ruban
By ADÉ, 2022. Thank you for everything ♡

who am i?

My name is elda wicker. I am a young french composer and multimedia artist living near Paris, France.

I compose electronic music, as broadly speaking as it gets. I usually use many recordings and I love to work with sonic textures. I sometimes make multimedia artworks when I feel like it, or when it would suit my explorations better.

I'm actually a student at the Groupe de Recherche Musicale in Paris, founded by Pierre Schaeffer in the fifties.

contact me

You can usually find me on my instagram where you can send me private messages, I'll anwser with joy!

I also have an email (contact [at] eldawicker.net) I check regularly.

why french?

Most of my long form articles and catalog are in french. I know it isn't the best for growth, but when I talk about art and what drives me, I need my words, I need the finesse I get when using my native language. I use english on every other platform I use, because they're meant to be viewed by everyone, but this website is more personal I guess.

If, however, you would like to translate some things here, get in touch, maybe we can work something out!

why this website?

I'm deeply passionate about art, sounds and emotions they give me, and I wanted to share this obsession with others who might be interested. I also wanted others to hear and understand what and why I create, in hope that it will somehow resonate with them.

But I have always struggled with social media. I wanted a safe and quiet space where I could share what I cherish but would be lost on other platforms, and maybe share some of myself. That is why I created this little island in this big ocean of copper and glass…